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This is a community for intellectuals and unique personalities. We are sick and tired of the boring rating communities that hold no valued discussions or objectives. We are sick of either simply accepting or rejecting someone, and we are sick of listening to immature dramatic bullshit. Most of us are labeled as "bitches" and wear the name as if it were a merit badge. Why is this? Because we consider the term bitch to mean something that is much more respectful than vulgar. We believe true "bitches" do not cut corners, candy coat, or look like morons. Real bitches know how to handle themselves in any argument or discussion and they sound (or look, whatever) good doing it. We are painters, photographers, philosophers, students, teachers, writers, artists, musicians--metaphorically speaking. If you can handle yourself well and do not fit into the "norms" in today's society, or have something that you are just damn good at, you belong here.

(1.) Fill out the entire application. We do succumb to rating in a sense, because we want to keep the morons out of our community. Do the best that you can and put some effort into it. Put the questions in bold so that is easy for us to read.
(2.) In the title of post type "we don't candy coat" in the subject line, this is so I know that you read the rules.
(3.) Use proper grammar and spelling
(4.) Do not edit or delete your application once it has been posted.
(5.) Do not reply to any other post except within your original application post until you have received an accepted/rejected stamp from me. Failure to do so will result in your being banned. Yeah, I'm sure you will die without us.
(6.) Although we value ourselves as more than a rating community-there is a slight rating experience, therefor, if you cannot take the heat (criticism) stay the fuck out of the kitchen (community). It isn't that hard to understand.
(7.) Post your application behind LJ-Cut and post at least three clear pictures of yourself. No pictures of your cats, dogs, hands or other wierd crap.
(8.) You must be at least fifteen years old to apply
(9.) Promote us, we will ask to see the link.
(10.) You must post an application after two days of joining or be banned.

(1.) Every week there will be a new "Topic" to discuss, vote on, argue about, ect. We encourage participation, but I would hope some of us have lives and cannot be here every individual day. So, it is understood if you cannot be involved constantly
(2.) I will also make note of "Themes" for the week or biweek, depending on activity. I would really encourage participation for this one.
(3.) Post whatever you'd like as long as it is within reason. No nudity or racist commentary will be tolerated. Poetry, writing, pictures, photography in general, artwork, ect-lets see it all. Use your own judgement-if it is too big, by gods use LJ-cut.
(4.) Try to give the applicants a reason for your vote. Remember, the name of the community is Cruel_Intellect, so don't candy coat.
(5.) You may promote other communities, but they had better be damn good ones and you had better be spreading this one mad like the Plague.
(6.) We understand disagreements between members can happen- lets just not let it get out of hand.
(7.) Every once in a while a mod will call for an Ego Boost, which consists of all members having one week to vote (anonymously) against three members of the community that you want kicked out. After that week, the votes are tallied, and the three "intellectuals" with the most votes, get voted on by the remaining members-the one with the most votes at the end gets kicked out. Sound evil? Nah..

Sexual Preference:
Do you belong to any other rating communities? If so, what ones?

Extra crap
What do you do in your spare time?
How much money would you need to live comfortably?
What would be your dream profession if money weren't an issue?
What if we told you that you had to kiss mero's ass to get accepted?

Name four bands/musicians that you cannot stand:
Six movies you loathe:
Five things that piss you off:
What type of people do you not get along with?
What is wrong with today's society?

Do you collect anything? If so, what?
Do you have any odd fetishes?
Do you have any irrational fears or phobias?
4 bands/musicians you enjoy:
6 movies you like:
Who is your favorite artist?

Don't candy coat, tell us the truth
1) What do you think about your country's education system?
(2) Describe your opinion on one specific reality television show:
(3) What do you think about American politics in 2004 compared to the political system of older generations?
(4) What is your opinion on PBS (public broadcasting system):
(5) What do you think of welfare and welfare recipients?
(6) Did you know that in 2003 there were 34.9 million Americans in poverty? What do you think could be done to help this problem?
(7) Your opinion on multiple use of abortion:
(8) Describe a time that you discriminated against someone. We have all done it, on purpose or not.
(9) Do you read or write? Give us examples.
(10) What is your stand on body modifications? Do you have any? If so, lets see them! Post a picture(s).
(11) When you form an opinion on a topic, do you research it before forming an opinion or usually go with what you hear in general?
(12) What do you think makes a person an intellectual? What do you think makes them a bitch?

Picture time!

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The fuckingdumbass, aka, banned list
ophelia35173 - This fucking dumbass doesn't understand what rules are.
film_whore -deleted her application, twat plug!
verbal_whiplash- after her acceptance we learned that she was actually a discriminating, ignorant fucktard.

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