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It is such a shame that this community has died out. Is anybody at all interested in reviving it? There MUST be some subjects we haven't covered yet... Death Penalty, Prostitution, Alcohol, Marijuana, Other drugs, Gay marriage, Illegal immigrants, Smoking, Banning smoking in public, Drunk driving, Cloning, Premarital sex, Religion, Porn, Euthanazia... something! Anything!

Mods, are you still around at all? I couldn't find anything about it in the user info, so I don't know if anybody can suggest a theme for debate, or if it has to go through you. I'd just love to see a bit more action here.

We don't candy coat. (Remember me?)

Well, I haven't been here in a while, and um, everything is dead. I figure I might as well liven things up a little, as well as not take advantage of my membership, so I'm posting a new application. ^^

To anyone has joined since I "left," I'm already a member and have been accepted before, but will gladly submit myself to your cruelty as long as I can bite back a bit. ^~ I will also leave if rejected.

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